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October 16th 2013

Kalum River Lodge’s guests have been enjoying some super Northern Coho fishing. These are big hard fighting fish and we have been catching them on a variety of different rivers. Here are the photos of our guests with some of their catches during the last week.

October 9th 2013

A big thank you for fishing friends John and Bob who joined us last week. The guys fly fished on a variety of northern rivers. Here are a couple of photos of John with a fly caught Skeena river Steelhead and Dolly Varden. John also celebrated his birthday at the lodge with a delicious chocolate cake! We hope to celebrate with them again next season.

October 1st 2013

After planning to fish with us for the last few years, Richard was finally able to make the trip. On his first day out on the river, Richard landed his first ever salmon on a fly. He was thrilled with his catch (left photo)! On his second day he landed his biggest fish ever – needless to say he was over the moon (middle photo). Richard is returning to Ireland with some great memories and a few fishing stories to tell his friends. His fishing buddy, Robert, landed this super Steelhead from the Kalum river (right photo).

September 26th 2013

This year Malcolm Granberry celebrated his 80th birthday and as a birthday present his four sons brought him on a fishing trip to Kalum River Lodge. One of Malcolm’s grandsons was able to join them too, so we had the pleasure of hosting three generations of the Granberrys at the lodge. The guys fly fished the Kitimat and Skeena rivers and landed large Coho and Steelhead. We really enjoyed our few days with the guys and it was great to be part of such a special celebration.

September 17th 2013

This time of the season offers the most variety of rivers to fish. Our guests this week, Phil, Chris and Chris from the US, fished the Skeena and remote wilderness rivers for Steelhead and Coho salmon. Here are the guys with some of their fish.

September 13th 2013

“Girls just want to have fun!” and Karen certainly did when she hooked and landed this superb Steelhead from the Skeena river on a fly rod. Karen, a keen fly angler back home in Maryland, came to fish with us for a few days. She also had Coho and Pink salmon. Our other guests at the lodge, four friends from Nova Scotia and the Yukon, enjoyed the sunny weather whilst landing Steelhead and Coho.

September 8th 2013

We have had a great week with a group of fly anglers from the UK. The weather here remains sunny and hot but it didn’t stop the guys landing some good Steelhead and Coho.

September 3rd 2013

The fishing on the Skeena river has been great. With good runs of Steelhead and salmon our guests have been landing some super fish. For the last three days Andrew Rushton has been out fishing with Collins Illich from Dallas, Texas, who organised a family trip with his father, brother and brother-in-law. The guys had a great holiday relaxing on the banks of the Skeena, enjoying the warm weather and fly fishing for Steelhead and salmon. Here are some of the fish they brought to the bank.

August 31st 2013

We have had a super week with our returning guests, Martin and Andy, from England. They joined us last summer for their first trip to BC and enjoyed it so much they had to come back! They both had some good Coho and Pink salmon, as well as several Steelhead. Andy was top rod for the week after landing a superb Steelhead that topped 25lb. Ted DeJong, our assistant guide, helped Andy hold the fish for the photos. Martin caught the largest Coho of the trip, a fish of around 18lb. They were joined by Nic Jepson who travelled from Norway to fish the Skeena with us. Nic has fished in BC before and matched his largest Steelhead whilst out fishing with Andrew Rushton.

August 27th 2013

Marcus Ervin was back for his 8th season at Kalum River Lodge. He was joined again by Thomas (5th season), Kermit (3rd season) and Clay (2nd season). After meeting each other at the lodge, the guys have become friends and enjoy fishing together here every summer. They fly fished different parts of the Skeena over two weeks and landed many Steelhead, Coho, Pink and Sockeye salmon. Thank you all for joining us again, it was a lot of fun. We are already looking forward to next year!

August 22nd 2013

Fishing has been a great on the Skeena river. Our first time guests from the USA and UK were having their first experience of spey fishing. They hooked into many salmon and Steelhead during their trip and needless to say, the guys were impressed with the strength and stamina of these incredible fish. Doug Gosling, from BC, joined us again this summer for a few days. Doug was on fine form and landed some super Steelhead.

August 19th 2013

“The boys are back”. After fishing some great wilderness rivers with us last September, Alan, Geoff and Bruce from the UK joined us this week to fish the Skeena river. The guys were out with their fly rods and hooked many fish. They landed Sockeye, Coho and Steelhead. Here are the boys with some of their fish.

August 16th 2013

Fishing on the Skeena has produced some big Steelhead this week. Guests Betty and Joseph both caught their first fly caught Skeena Steelhead as well as several other salmon. They were fishing with our guide Al Ducros who helped put them into some nice fish, including a Steelhead well over 20lb.

August 10th 2013

This week we had the pleasure of hosting the Euphoria Fishing Club, a group of friends from Winnipeg who have been fishing together since they first met in Grade 10 at school. The guys spent the week catching Pink, Coho and Chum salmon, and Steelhead from the Skeena and Kitimat rivers. In the evenings they relaxed at the lodge, exchanging fishing tales over a few beers or a Caesar or two. Here are just a few photos of some of the guys with fish they landed during their stay with us. The trip was 10 years in the making and we are privileged that the EFC joined us at Kalum River Lodge for this special event. Thanks guys, it was awesome!!

August 1st 2013

The weather is hot and so is the fishing! The Chinook (King) salmon are coming up the rivers and our guests are landing some large fish. These salmon challenge an angler’s skills and stamina! Lachlan Allen, a first-time fly fisher from Australia, landed a 50lb Chinook after an epic battle lasting almost an hour. This powerful fish took Lachlan down the Kalum river, by foot and by boat, until he finally caught up with it a great distance from where it was first hooked. Andrew Rushton, Owner/Head Guide of Kalum River Lodge, netted the fish and brought it to the bank. After taking some photos for the lodge wall, the fish was released to continue its journey up river. Lachlan has caught many fish before, but this is truly a fish of a lifetime!!

July 31st 2013

We are having some great fishing. It is prime time for Chinook (King) salmon so our anglers are hooking into some big fish. We were joined again by Randy and Marilyn from Calgary. Last year they caught some great Chum salmon on the Kitimat river and this year Randy had his sights set on Chinook! Over three days on the Kalum and Kitimat rivers Randy brought eleven Chinook to the bank and lost several others, including one that looked like a 40lb plus fish as it headed off down river. He also caught several Chum, Pink and Sockeye salmon. First time fly fisher Marilyn had a super day on the Kitimat river fighting Pinks and Chum. By the end of the day she had landed 11 salmon! Thank you both for some very enjoyable days.

July 26th 2013

Walt Hamby travelled from Idaho for a three day trip with us. Walt had never fly fished before but on his first day out fly fishing with Al Ducros (our Assistant Guide) he hooked two Chinook (King salmon) and landed several other salmon. The following day he landed two super Chinook and our first Coho of the season from the Kalum River. Walt said the trip had far surpassed his expectations and he is talking about returning with friends next year.

April 21st 2013

It has been another great week of fishing at Kalum River Lodge. This spring season, anglers have been catching large numbers of Steelhead. First time guests, Vadim and Alexander, had a fantastic week with us. They fished three different rivers and were successful every day. They landed some super Steelhead and were very impressed with our rivers here, especially the Kalum. The guys were the Lodge’s first guests from Russia. They have fished many famous Atlantic and Pacific salmon rivers. Both anglers are planning on returning to fish with us next year for the big Chinook (King) salmon that the Skeena and Kalum are renowned for.

April 13th 2013

Yesterday I managed to fit in a day of fishing myself and caught this super Steelhead on the Kitimat river. It went for a black intruder fly. We will be out this week with our guests fly fishing the Kitimat, Kalum and Skeena rivers.

Our early runs of Chinook (King) salmon will be starting within the next few weeks. These are the largest of the salmon and will challenge an anglers skills.

April 6th 2013

Our spring Steelhead season is off to a great start. We have had good fishing and good weather! Here are a couple of the super Steelhead caught from the Kalum River by Tim and his son Othon. With the warmer spring weather large numbers of fresh Steelhead are starting to enter the rivers. We are looking forward to some more great spring trips this month.

February 22nd 2013

Winter Steelheading has been outstanding this year. Warm temperatures combined with large numbers of fish have given anglers some superb fishing and catching days. Kalum River Lodge’s first spring fishing trips start on the 1st April. All indications are for an exceptional spring season so if you have ever considered a spring Steelhead trip with us this is the year to do it.

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