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December 19th 2016

Even with the winter weather our guides are still out chasing Steelhead. Anytime the temperature warms up our guides are out fishing on the local rivers. Winter months can provide some great angling. With the lower water it is a great time to walk the shoreline, enjoy the winter scenery and catch a few fish. After a couple of weeks of very cold weather the fishing is back on again.

October 19th to 27th 2016

Our 2016 fishing season has now come to a close. It’s been another great year with some fantastic catches. During our last week our anglers fished the Skeena, Kalum and a couple of our small wilderness rivers. As always the wilderness rivers were popular with our guests and delivered some great fishing.

We are already looking forward to 2017 and the opening our new lodge on the Skeena River. It has stunning river views and provides single ensuite bedrooms for all our guests. For next season we will also offer packages that include overnight trips to our wilderness camps to give our guests a unique experience.
Many thanks to all our guests that joined us for the 2016 season and we are looking forward to seeing many of them again in 2017.

October 2nd to 9th 2016

After tough fishing last week the first week of October proved to be a great week for guests taking advantage of our wilderness week special.

First time guest Brian could not stop smiling after returning from fishing each day and recounting his experiences. On his best day for Steelhead Brian hooked four and landed three, as well as Coho salmon and trout. In his comments for the guest book he wrote that one the highlights was fishing seven different rivers during his week long stay. With our perfect location guests have the opportunity to fish a variety of waters for Steelhead, salmon and trout. With so many options Kalum River Lodge is an ideal choice for an autumn trip.

September 24th to October 2nd 2016

The last week of September started with heavy rains, The rivers needed the water but getting it all at once made for a few challenging days of fishing. Despite the heavy rains a few of our anglers still got into some nice fish, Mac landed 10 large northern Coho over a couple of days. Our wilderness rivers remained high through the week but despite this we still managed to hooked some Steelhead and a few Coho. Even though the fishing is exceptionally good here we are still at the mercy of nature. This makes those great catching days all the more special.

September 17th to 24th 2016

It has been another bustling week at the lodge. With guests from different corners of the world there has been some interesting conversations around the dining table. Our anglers have been fishing several different rivers and trying out new techniques with good success. Some super Steelhead were landed and many others lost after these powerful fish took anglers down to their backing. One group targeting Coho hooked 27 Coho and landed 15 of them just in one day so they were happy anglers! For the more adventurous anglers there were days hiking on small wilderness rivers with rods in hand to fish pools for Steelhead. The variety of rivers to fish makes autumn an exciting time for Kalum River Lodge guests.

September 10th to 17th 2016

Autumn is here! The landscape is changing with the autumn colours and the large Northern Coho are arriving in the rivers. This is the time of season we begin to fish the Skeena tributaries and a number of other excellent rivers. As well as great Coho fishing there are numerous opportunities for Steelhead on small wilderness rivers. The conditions at this time of the year can be quite changeable and with such a wide range of rivers to fish we can move around to get the best fishing. Our new and returning guests enjoyed the autumn days and hooking into some big Coho and lively Steelhead.

September 4th to 10th 2016

Kalum River Lodge anglers had another super week. Many anglers landed four different species of salmon and Steelhead during their stay. The variety of fish and high catch rates make the Skeena River a top choice for anglers worldwide. Anglers of all levels can have good success on the Skeena and everyone has opportunities for trophy fish. The largest Steelhead for the week was just shy of 20lb was landed on the fly by Theo.

August 28th to September 4th 2016

More familiar faces this week as other regular guests return for their annual trip with us. Many of these guests fish for two weeks with us every year. They didn’t waste any time getting back into the swing of things and bringing fish to the bank. It’s always hard to say goodbye knowing it will be a full year until we meet again. Many of them are already counting the days for their next visit once they arrive home.

August 21st to 28th 2016

Thousands of Steelhead migrate up the Skeena river each year. We don’t catch them all but we certainly try! Anglers join us from all over the world to fish for these legendary hard fighting fish. Our regular guests are back again – you might recognize a few faces if you have read any of our previous years’ reports. This week’s first time guests are now hooked too and are ready to come back again next year. The amazing feature of the Skeena is the vast number of salmon in the river as well as Steelhead, so our anglers get plenty of action! Why not join the Kalum River Lodge Team for fishing experience you will never forget.

August 14th to 21st 2016

Hyde Week has been another fun-filled week. Great weather, great people and great fishing. A big thank you to LaMoyne Hyde of Hyde boats for hosting his group of avid anglers again this year. J.Ann Hyde maintained her top rod status from last year by catching the biggest Steelhead of the week again. Congratulations to Brad for landing all five species of salmon and Steelhead in one day! The Kalum River Lodge Team look forward to hosting Hyde Week in 2017.

August 7th to 14th 2016

Another week of full on action at Kalum River Lodge. It’s always nice to welcome back our returning guests as well as new anglers here to try their hand at summer salmon and Steelhead. This is a great time of the season to fish the Skeena river and catch most of the salmon species and Steelhead. The Skeena river boasts the largest run of wild Steelhead in the world and also has all five species of salmon. Our guests enjoyed some good success trying their own fly patterns and will be returning with some new creations for next year. Thanks to the guys for a super week and they can start counting down the days until they join us again next season.

August 2nd 2016

Our Chinook season is winding down. In the last week we have landed several huge Chinook on the fly. Others were hooked but as our anglers found out, not all of these powerful fish come into the net!! Here are a couple that did! There are still some Chinook out there but now we are turning our attention to Sockeye, Pinks, Coho and Steelhead.

July 31st – Aug 7th 2016

Another week has gone by. They say time flies when you’re having fun and that certainly holds true for our fishing season. Another great week with our Sportquest group who managed to catch all the species in the river right down to Cutthroat and Dolly Varden. With the five species of salmon and Steelhead that makes for eight different types of fish for the week. Many personal records were broken – the largest fish, the most fish, the longest fight………. On the first day one angler said he had caught more salmon in one day than he has in six years of salmon fishing! It was nice to have several new fly fisherman who left wanting to return again to continue to develop their skills. Our guides really enjoy sharing their knowledge and passion for this sport with all our guests, whether novice or experienced fly anglers. A big thank you to our host Mike for all his help in organizing the group and sharing his fly fishing knowledge with them to prepare them for their trip. We are looking forward to seeing them again next year on this annual hosted week.

July 29th 2016

Our summer season is in full swing. Sunshine, cool rivers and plenty of action keeps our anglers coming back. This week brought large runs of fresh Chum and Pink salmon into the coastal streams. The Skeena river has been producing Chinook, Sockeye and Pink salmon as well as a few Steelhead. We are now at the time of year when it is possible to catch any of the 5 species of salmon and Steelhead. It’s great to have so many options for our guests to enjoy.

July 24th – 31st 2016

It has been another memorable week at Kalum River Lodge with several different species caught on three different rivers. Everyone caught good numbers of fish and there were plenty that got away. One of the highlights was seeing such large numbers of salmon in clear water. Even for the well-traveled anglers the comment was that they had never seen so many fish in a river. The anglers really enjoyed catching large numbers of Chum salmon with several exceeding 20lb. Neil started planning this trip two years ago with four anglers but once his friends heard about the trip, Neil’s group ended up filling the whole lodge. Neil also achieved his goal of wrestling big Chinook salmon on the fly rod. The Kalum River Lodge Team sends our thanks to Neil for organizing the trip and to all the guys for such an enjoyable week. We are already looking forward to hosting the group on their next visit.

July 13th 2016

We are out enjoying another week with our guests catching some great fish. From young to more senior and novice to expert, there is something for everyone. This time of year offers a good variety of salmon from feisty Pink and Sockeye, to powerful giant Chinook and the occasional early Steelhead.

June 21st 2016

Kalum River Lodge guests enjoyed warm temperatures and some hot fish. Early season Chinook fishing in the Skeena River has been good. Fresh chrome fish are lively and will test your skills. Our summer season is here and we are looking forward to some good catches.

June 10th 2016

Summer days and big salmon are here. Kalum River Lodge’s guides have been out catching some nice early season Chinook salmon and are preparing for our guests.

A low snow pack and early runoff have brought the rivers into shape early this season so we are already out on the Skeena fishing for Chinook. The fishing is also picking up on the smaller coastal rivers and we will be fishing those soon. We are looking forward to when our first summer guests arrive and some great fishing for the season.

May 3rd 2016

As our spring Steelhead season winds down, spring run Chinook salmon are starting to arrive in some of our rivers.

We would like to thank all our Steelhead anglers who joined us this spring and we look forward to their next visit.

For anglers considering joining us for Chinook season, we still have some prime time places available. If you have any questions regarding our summer salmon fishing trips please don’t hesitate to contact us. The Kalum River Lodge Team would love to host you and show you some great fishing.

April 11th 2016

After the warm sunny weather last week, we had a few days of rain and then the sun came out again. This week our fly fishermen had to work hard for their fish but when they caught one it was well worth the effort. Our returning anglers enjoyed the experience of fishing a variety of rivers and the changing landscape as spring unfolded.

Kermit, one of our regular summer anglers, decided to include a spring trip as well this year and he really enjoyed fishing the rivers in spring flow. We look forward to fishing with Kermit again this summer. Giancarlos who fished with us in September two years ago for Steelhead and Coho joined us to fish for spring Steelhead and he was into a couple of super fish. During the next few weeks our Steelhead anglers might be lucky enough to hook a spring Chinook as well!

April 4th 2016

Kalum River Lodge’s spring season opened with unseasonably warm temperatures and sunny skies. Our first time guests Karen and Kent enjoyed a week of glorious weather and good fishing. They both landed some nice Steelhead as well as Cutthroat and Dolly Varden. Karen described her first Steelhead as a “rainbow on steroids”! Long time guest Kermit joined us for his first spring trip here in addition to his usual summer Steelhead trip. Kermit is experimenting with some new fly patterns and the Steelhead seem to like them!

Our guests have already booked for their next spring trip although we said we couldn’t promise them such warm temperatures next year! The upcoming week is returning to normal temperatures so stay tuned for the next fishing report.

February 10th 2016

Warm temperatures have provided some good winter Steelhead fishing. Kalum River Lodge guides have been out on our local rivers enjoying some pre-season fishing. Our first guests arrive in late March and we will be ready! Spring Steelhead fishing can be very rewarding with big fresh Steelhead entering the rivers. As well as Steelhead there are good opportunities to catch sea run Cutthroat and Dolly Varden. This can be an excellent time of year to fish with a variety of rivers to explore. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to try your hand at this premier fishery.

January 6th 2016

Happy New Year! As it’s now early January only means one thing – the start of our spring season is only two and a half months away!!

Not long to wait until our first guests of the season will be out pursuing large strong Steelhead in the beautiful rivers of the Skeena region. If you haven’t tried fishing for Steelhead with us then you are missing out on some of the best fishing on the planet. Take a look below at some of the spring fish our guests have landed. We have limited places available for this fishery so don’t delay – book your place today!

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