Fly Fishing

The Skeena River is one of the world’s premier fly fishing destinations. From first-time fly anglers to seasoned professionals the Skeena River fishery has something for everyone.

Fly anglers come from all over the world to fish these legendary waters. Catching a Steelhead on the fly is considered by many to be the ultimate fishing experience. With the large numbers of fish migrating up the Skeena, anglers have the opportunity to catch several species of salmon as well as Steelhead in a day. With record sized fish moving up the rivers any angler has the chance of catching a fish of a lifetime. Kalum River Lodge’s guides are very experienced fly fishermen with an extensive knowledge of the fly fishing waters. The guides will work with you as much or as little as you require.

Our fishing season begins in April and goes through to early November. The spring season brings fresh runs of Steelhead, trout and early Chinook salmon into the rivers. This is a great time for fly fishermen to experience fishing on a variety of rivers. Fly fishing throughout the summer season is an action packed time. The chance of catching Steelhead and all five species of salmon during your trip is an amazing experience and brings many of our anglers back year after year. By early September the tributaries are filling up with Coho (Silver salmon) and Steelhead providing excellent fishing as well as incredible wilderness scenery.

Fishing Equipment
The majority of our guests like to bring their own fishing equipment. However, for guests who require fishing equipment, the lodge has Spey rods, switch rods, single handed rods, spinning rods, reels and lines which guests may rent during their stay. Terminal tackle including flies and lures are available at the lodge.

For most of the year a wet fly swing presentation is a very effective method. We use 8 to 10 weight single or double handed rods, large arbor reels and lines with interchangeable sink tip systems. We recommend using at least 150 yards of 30 pound backing. Many fly patterns work well including Intruders, Leech patterns and nymphs.



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