• Fish Tales

Over the years we have had the pleasure of hearing some fantastic fishing tales from our guests. If you have a tale you would like to share please send it our way!

A New Holiday Chum

Heather Starbuck struck a blow for the fairer sex on a fishing trip to Kalum River Lodge when she caught 23 prize specimens in one day – more than any other person at the Kalum River Lodge in British Columbia that week…

Epic Steelhead Battle

Mark Kimmins

I often think that there are great fishing days and wonderful bright sunny days, but rarely do the two go together. This week had already been an exception, with fantastic fishing and good weather, but little did I know that an epic battle was still in store…

The Ones That Got Away…

Kermit Johnson

Apparently, 2013 was my year to lose really big fish. I had hooked and lost three Steelhead in the upper teens. Then in a five day period I hooked and lost three over twenty pounds…

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